Notes from 7-22-2014 Stoneham Rotary Meeting
Special Celebration – Jack and Trudy Anderson’s 50th Anniversary – balloons, cake, card and gift presented from club with photo taken.  Both were very thankful!!
Happy Dollars - $50 from Jack, $20 from Sue and Dick, $1 from Gordon for walking the town with Bella (niece’s dog) – getting to know the area, $1 from Amy - Nicolas broke his toe but still able to attend baseball camp
Aug 5 meeting at Senior Center – Visioning Session – 6-9pm, - goals:  moving forward as a club – what is our vision long term; all members filled out survey for the district
Raffle – Stop & Shop – Dennis and Amy met with Stop and Shop Manager to discuss possible “Shopping Spree” event in November (before the holidays) – winner would have 1 min 45 sec to shop in store before or after hours.  The store manager is interested but needs to pass it along to Corporate for final decision.  Dennis, Amy and the store Manager are planning to meet again next Tuesday to discuss further.  Winner of raffle will be picked at Stoneham TV’s Annual Auction.  $5/ticket
Service Project – Oral Health – High School and Middle School involvement for September – presentations in Health Classes – will be handing out material and giveaways – looking for speakers
Fundraiser Suggestion by Mark – Valentine’s Dance at the Middle School for Father/daughter, Mother/son
Foundation- Gordon gave info on Pedaling for a Purpose – the past president of the Ipswich Club is pedaling 4400 miles to raise money for a local hospital ($25,000 goal).  Also raises funds for their club
November – Rotary Foundation Month – We will be planning speakers and discussing grant opportunities.
Gordon noted that new cases of Polio have been discovered in Pakistan and Afghanistan – as a result of turmoil in those regions.